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Analyst - Anchor - Host
Analyst - Anchor - Host

A Voice for the Voiceless

Dr. Laura (J.D., Ph.D.) served as a legal/political analyst on CNN, CBS, MSNBC, News Nation, Newsy, the Dr. Phil Show and various other networks. Her engaging, no-nonsense commentary has made her a well sought-after legal analyst and keynote speaker on hot topic issues such as the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Jussie Smollett case, vaccine mandates, immigration laws, and the gun control controversy.

She has also served as a weekend anchor and as a guest host for various talk shows.


Legal Correspondent

Dr. Laura explains complex legal issues in a way that not only elevates the discussion but allows viewers to understand the significance to their communities.


She shares compelling news stories with integrity, objectivity, and compassion.


Dr. Laura is personable, relatable and understands how to connect with guests and the audience in meaningful ways.

What Industry Leaders
Are Saying About Me

“Dr. Laura is a dedicated professional who has tireless energy that’s infectious with the people she works with. Her legal commentary is engaging and thought-provoking. Dr. Laura is highly reliable and committed to excellence in journalism.”

Larry Lawson

Executive Producer, CBS Boston

“Dr. Laura delivers engaging, dynamic legal commentary that resonates with the audience. Her fun and energetic personality enables her to shine as an anchor and host. She is multi-talented journalist that would be an asset to any organization.”

Kareem White

Senior Talent Producer, ESPN

“Dr. Laura is simply joy to work with. She is incredibly talented and has an innate and unique ability to deliver compelling legal commentary in a way that connects with the audience on multiple levels. Her versatility, professionalism and dedication to her craft is unmatched.”

Shayna Hayes

Head of Content, Entertainment & Initiatives, NFL Media

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